2010 was full of immense change for me, it was full of extream highs and terribly deep lows and as we dove into 2011, I hadn’t created a Dubfluencial mix for well over six months I think it was.

Ego Thieves was as popular as ever but was becoming more and more of a challenge for me to keep up with the expectations and demands on my time. DJ’ing out live was no longer of interest to me, due to the nature of the politics and business of it all and quite honestly, without any judgments on anyone who chooses to partake, but the drug scene that came hand in hand with the job really did deter me from wanting to carry on. But music is my life and I never wanted to stop creating mixes as long as there were people who wanted to hear them.

Sadly, I felt Dubfluencial had really run its course and I wanted to end the series with something really special and decided that my love for video games and Dubstep would be the perfect theme for a mix. I put out a small shout out on Facebook for any Dubstep producers who had anything video game sounding and producer Nostalgia messaged me straight away to say he just finished a track called ‘The Hero’ sampling the Legend of Zelda and wondered if I wanted to include it in the mix. Not only did I want to include it, I wanted it to be the intro track and he was so hyped he offered it to me as an exclusive.

What came after that was a bunch of hard dropping, disgustingly intense bass filled tracks that populated the tracklist before I knew what even happened. The whole mix was almost filled entirely with exclusive drops as everyone fought to be featured on the mix knowing it would be downloaded tens of thousands of times from all around the world.

This Dubfluencial mix was really something special to me and I wanted to create artwork to really do it justice, so I stripped everything down and went straight back to where my love for video games started, the arcade machine. What resulted was one of my greatest Dubfluencial mixes to date and one I’m really truly proud of and that I could have never achieved without all the amazing music I had been privileged to have been sent.

Love to all the producers, DJ’s, artists and fans who made this series one of the most popular Dubstep mixes of all time <3

  1. The Hero [Exclusive] – Nostalgia
  2. Jabber Jawz – Kromestar
  3. Tech – Zubee
  4. Dub Runner [Exclusive] – Dream
  5. C64 [Exclusive] – Dark Elixer
  6. Ghetto Blasta 2010 – KGB
  7. Stop – Crissy Criss & Youngman
  8. Dont Tell Mum About Ibiza [Exclusive] – Psyam & Stinkahbell
  9. White Lies – 501
  10. Evolution [Exclusive] – Unknown
  11. Xterminate – Aliens
  12. Space Invaders [Exclusive] – Krew
  13. Get Down Lay Down – Ajapai
  14. Missile [Exclusive] – Atomic
  15. Final Stage – The Widdler
  16. Platonic [Exclusive] – Bytesize
  17. Yup – FS
  18. Darkness (Remix PT 2) [Exclusive] – Stinkahbell VS Kings Of The City
  19. Drama [Exclusive] – Mojo
  20. Lets Go [Exclusive] – Roksonix & Statelapse
  21. Waterdrops [Exclusive] – Requake
  22. Turn On – Guttstar
  23. Fools [Exclusive] – Eptic
  24. F Double U [Exclusive] – Cookie Monsta
  25. Timeless [Exclusive] – Lifecycle
  26. Pain [Exclusive] – Subzee-D
  27. Angry Yout [Exclusive] – Pysam
  28. Turmoil [Exclusive] – Stinkahbell
  29. Party Starter [Exclusive] – Giant
  30. Skruella – Asa


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