Post-summer 2010, life was difficult, things were changing for the better and the worse but the bass still flowed and Dubstep was now fully established as the new hot genre to take over the globe like no-one had ever seen before.

I felt like for the first time, people were really embracing Dubstep in all its shapes, forms and guises. I wanted to really create a Dubfluencial that pulled together all the greatest sounds that the spectrum of Dubstep had to offer. Rolling, punching, filthy, distorted, sublow, bouncing and electrifying bass, all in one mix.

Whether it was dropping ‘Stop Watching’ by Benga, ‘Take Time’ from Kromestar or the heart-wrenching drop from Bare Noize’s remix of ‘Harry’, this mix began to show the quality that was coming out of the scene. The mixdowns, mastering, custom producer packs and signature sounds were all in place and I was spoilt for choice when it came to exclusives and piled them on thick and fast.

I also decided as this mix was subtitled ‘Enter The Dub’, I wanted to create a literal doorway into Dubstep so challenged myself to learn how to use Cinema 4D in just a few days to pull off the artwork and I’m pretty sure I lost a few days of sleep to achieve it too. Dubfluencial was also by far one of the most popular Dubstep mix series online and I was now disappointed if each mix got anything less than 20,000 downloads within the first few weeks, numbers that I now consider pretty insane to say the least.

  1. Hurricane – Vaski
  2. Back It Up (SPL Dub Mix) – SpekrFreks, Billy Newton
  3. Stop Watching – Benga
  4. Behind Glazed Eyes – Skinzmann
  5. Take Time – Kromestar
  6. Putrid Creature VIP – Stenchman
  7. Short Circuit – 501
  8. Pass Me By – Trolley Snatcha
  9. Frankenstein VIP – Stinkahbell
  10. Doomsday – Mojo
  11. Take No More – Original Sin
  12. Herbert – Giant
  13. Kamikaze – AntiSerum & No Thing
  14. Skank Tank – Roksonix
  15. Ninja Step V2 – J.Rabbit
  16. This Sound – Pursue
  17. Dont Do That (Flux Pavilion Remix) – Culprate
  18. Ho! (FuntCase Remix) – Marco Del Horno
  19. Harry ft. Skrein (Bare Noize Remix) – Medison
  20. Illeagal (Borgores Explicit Remix) – M.I.A
  21. Ooz Mychbrett [EXCLUSIVE]
  22. GTS – Stinkahbell