As Dubstep started to take off in so many directions, with harder and more insane drops, distorted synths and a war for the filthiest bass, so many felt the origins of Dubstep was being lost. I started to feel that way myself too and wanted to put out a mix that really represented the sounds I fell in love with in the first place, so I reached out to my boy DJ Drama from Urban Nerds about putting together a mix that took us all back to the roots and showcases those producers still keeping the sound alive.

The name Chicken & Vodka literally came from the fact DJ Drama was eating fried chicken and drinking vodka while he made the mix, it really was as simple as that lol. What resulted is a mix of pure sub low sounds, deep bass energies and skipping hi-hats that really reconnected us all with the foundations of the genre that started it all.

  1. Alix Perez – Metric (Dub Forthcoming TEMPA)
  2. Kryptic Minds – Wasteland
  3. Benton – Virus (Dub)
  4. Shredexx – Hardest (Dub)
  5. Goli & Ashburner – Fields of Vibrations
  6. Cyrus – Alone (Dub)
  7. Benton – Sinners (Dub)
  8. Calibre – Tenopause
  9. Benton & Drama – Blind Contamination (Dub)
  10. Icicle – Xylophobia
  11. Skream – Behind the Curtain
  12. Magnetic Man – Perfect Stranger Ft Katy B (Benga Rmx)
  13. Skream – Amity Step
  14. Seven & Elvee – Breakdown
  15. Matt-U – Compass
  16. Caspa & Subscape – Geordie Racer
  17. Miss Brattz – Selecta (Produced Toddla T)
  18. Benton – Bash That Badger
  19. Shredexx – Sprung (Dub)
  20. Magnetic Man – Getting Knowhere Ft John Legend