Life Is A Zoo In A Jungle – Mixed By Jenai

To celebrate the launch of the official JC Adams online store, we have decided to put together an exclusive Jungle mix. No matter whether your into Hip Hop, Dubstep, Grime or even R&B, its very hard to avoid the influences Jungle has in today’s music.

This to me, was the first great leap in UK underground dance music. I was just 12 years old when I purchased my first Jungle vinyl from Black Market Records and fell in love instantly! Huge bass-lines, 160bpm, Reggae chords and big vocals, what is there not to love?

Mixed exclusively by Jenai & artwork by JC Adams

It gave birth to music pioneers such as M-Beat, Shy FX, DJ Zinc and so many more. The mix contains some of my personal favorites from the Jungle era and is not made to be listened to on laptop speakers lol.

The whole Jungle theme fits perfectly into the JC Adams brand of APE. Make sure you visit the website to take advantage of the £10 sale! Everything you see on the site is limited edition, so grab them while stocks last!


  1. Rumble – M-Beat
  2. Leviticus – The Burial
  3. Terrorist – Renegade
  4. Everyday – Bizzy B
  5. Valley Of The Shadows – Origin Unknown
  6. Worries In The Dance – New Blood
  7. Rollers Convention – DJ SS
  8. Sweet Vibrations – D.M.D. & the Boneman
  9. Style – M-Beat
  10. Helicopter Tune – Deep Blue
  11. RIP (VIP) – Remarc
  12. Warp 9 Mr Zulu – Rude Bwoy Monty
  13. This Style – Shy FX
  14. The Lighter – Sound Of The Future
  15. Maximum Style – Tom & Jerry

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