Certified Ego

Welcome to Ego Thieves 5.0. This is our biggest make over yet! Since we decided to start testing out daily posts (something we have ever done before), we have received some amazing feedback from music lovers and the industry alike. The old website wasn’t really catered for daily posts, more so for the occasional mix, as I have become increasingly busy the more life goes on and thus finding less time to dedicate to Ego Thieves as I would like.

So after officially promoting Errol to editor in chief and new contributors like Ran and soon to be Tomas on board, we decided a new direction, new branding and a new website will be created to showcase our fresh direction.

That direction got us thinking…what is an Ego Thief exactly? And more importantly how do we put a stamp on something we feel is worthy of our seal of approval?

After much deliberation we decided the only way would be to create our very own creative equation, simply known as ‘Certified Ego‘ [Idea x (Passion + Creativity) = Certified Ego]. The premiss behind the formula is an idea without passion and creativity multiplied, is just an idea wasted. Something many people can relate too I’m sure. Watch out for many more versions of our equation. as we try to decode what makes something Ego bound.

We have also launched our very own Youtube channel, bringing you lots of tracks you have already heard and many more you have yet to come across, so make sure you subscribe and create your own playlists. Of course we don’t do things by half and have created our very own graphics and design to make listening to music as pleasurable for the eyes as well as the ears.

We are still on the look out for contributors, so if you think you got what it takes hit our contact box and drop us a line. Oh and of course record labels, artists, PR’s and promoters, if you don’t have our email address by now then shame on you.

Big ups to all those who are happy to see us back on the full time grind and have stuck with us for the long haul.

Jenai <3

P.S. If anyone finds any bugs please don’t hesitate to let us know or pop a post on Facebook.

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