A Mixtastical Update 2.0

First off sorry to all those who have been sending in mixes and thinking im airing you by not posting them. We just busy as some hot crack in Camden and trying to get through it. Here are some mixes from friends alike who want you to download and listen… all for free 🙂 A bit of Funky, a dollop of Grime, a smidgen of Dubstep and lots of bangers regardless. Life is good. Ten years ago you had to TKD this shit…! Long live the tinternet.

Rossi B & Luca 2009 Mix

Right, for starters Rossi B & Luca are the baddest of bad and by far the best DJ tag team in this country. Though Rossi is my boy i say that as a DJ as well as a Gooner. They have (9 months later…! Slacking isn’t the word!) finally released their first mix of 2009 and though its 9 months late it still puts most mixes to shame. With their classic style of no style they play anything and everything from Funky House, Old Skool Garage, Dubstep. Drum & Bass and more along side the odd cut of Luca’s scratching.

Intelligent Hooldum 4 – A Tubby T Tribute

Another mix, yet this one has allot more depth than most. Its dedicated to my boy and legend Mr Tubby T who sadly died last year. I could go into how he died, how its been over a year yet only feels like yest… but that’s not for now. Instead i decided to do what i do best and put together a tracklist of tunes dedicated to him that i know he loved and of course included his classic track ‘Tales Of The Hood’. Which today, still stands strong and has the best message Ive heard a UK artist spit in a very long time.

Guest Mix 003 – DJ Score Five

This is one of my fav mix series we have on EgoThieves. All the DJs are hand picked and we don’t just take any old mix. This is the third installment bought to you by another Rinse FM star DJ Score Five. Funky House, Grime and Bassline. This is a 30 min stomper of riddems! No track list on this one but trust me its bad and i know its nothing on what he can really do.

MDMA Sessions Vol 2 – Mixed By Jenai

I told you all i would do one for the summer 🙂 and thank god its actually sunny for a change. The last MDMA got a HUGE response and lots of love. Emails from DJ’s, Producers and fans insisting and rushing i do another one, so here it is.

Full of Grime, Garage, House, Electro, Dubstep, Fidget and erm anything else in between. If you was a fan of the first one I’m sure this will float your dam boat.